Women’s Aid Federation Northern Ireland has developed and delivered this innovative programme to build capacity for primary school teachers to deliver Helping Hands. The programme, which is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), aims to:

  • assist teachers to understand the context and impact of domestic violence on the lives of children and their families
  • assist teachers to develop preventative and early intervention strategies in relation to children who do not feel safe, especially children affected by domestic violence.
  • enable teachers to deliver the Helping Hands programme linked to the curriculum.

We have commissioned an independent evaluation of this work.

What teachers said about the programme

This course was highly informative and gave me great insight into the effects of domestic violence. I will deliver PDMU with more knowledge, insight and sensitivity, aiming to strongly deliver the message of the right to feel safe and the importance of talking to someone.

The two day training programme was very informative and gave teachers an insight into the extent of domestic violence occurring in Northern Ireland. It was very important for teachers to learn about the types of negative experiences that children are subjected to at home and how this can impact upon their behaviour and learning at school.

Most definitely the most clear and meaningful course/programme I have attended in quite a while.

Very easy to implement and integrate into the curriculum. A good resource for both pupils and teachers. Very enthusiastically and professionally delivered. One of the best programmes I have been involved with.